Hi Everyone,

I am trying to install Genetic search attribute selection method in rWEKA however i am not able to do so. I am not sure if this package is even available!

I have tried the following and the error message is found underneath:

WPM("load-package", "GeneticSearch")

Error in WPM("load-package", "GeneticSearch") :
Unavailable package 'GeneticSearch'.

WPM("install-package", "GeneticSearch")
[WekaPackageManager] Package GeneticSearch at version Latest doesn't seem to exist!

GENETIC <- make_Weka_attribute_evaluator("weka.attributeSelection.GeneticSearch")
Error in .jnew(name) : java.lang.ClassNotFoundException

Error in .jnew(name) : java.lang.ClassNotFoundException

This is not for just genetic linear forward i am having problems installing this as well! I would really like to use rWEKA for this so any help would be great!

Thanks for any help