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Thread: IF-clause in PDI

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    Default IF-clause in PDI


    i want to implement some kind of if-clause in PDI.

    I got three parameters in the transformation which are all strings and now i want to check whether the combined length of all three parameters is smaller than 20. At this condition the program should decide how it operates next (which step it takes next, e.g. creates a new table or on the other hand adds a new column - that doesn't matter for now).

    So is there any possibility to design such an "if-clause" in PDI?

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    For transformations:
    Filter step: implement if clause for basic conditions
    Java filter step: if clause for everything you want conditions
    Switch/case step: implement switch (field) case value1 .... case value2 conditions. Split the stream into multiple stream based on fixed set of values of one field.

    Simple conditions step or javascript step

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