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Thread: Kitchen.Error.No Rep Definition

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    Hi All

    I have created 12 jobs .I am running those jobs using kitchen.It was ran very successfully in version 5.3.I upgraded to version 6.0.But in version 6.0 i got the error ERROR [WebjarsURLConnection] Error Transforming zip.I tried my level best to fix the issue.But i am not able to fix it.So decided to go back 5.3 version.Now in the 5.3 randomly it is not loading any one of the job says job could not be loaded.Say for example first time if run it says 3rd job cloud not be loaded from repository and it loading rest all the jobs.Second time if run it says 7th job could not be loaded.Third time if run it says 9th job could not be loaded.Like this randomly it is not loading any one of the job.It is behaving very strange.Any idea what will be the issue and how to fix it.


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    If you had open job in 6.0 , then it is possible to not open it again in lower version than 6.0 , If you are having old backup you can try with it in 5.3.
    -- NITIN --

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