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Thread: How to check the execution of a scheduled job?

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    Question How to check the execution of a scheduled job?

    Hi everybody,
    I am new on PDI and I would like to know some basic stuff. Where can I find the execution log of a scheduled job on Pentaho? Do I need the Pentaho Admin Console or something else but PDI? indeed the question is a little more deep, I need to check if all the scheduled jobs ran ok, where can I check that? Where can I manage the execution jobs?

    for example,
    lets say that I have a couple of Job that will be executed from 03:00 AM on, how can I check if they ran ok? Is there a Job Execution Control Console that I may handle that?


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    You should placea Success step at the end of every job.
    From there link a Mail step if fails and another email step if it's successfull.
    Then at the end of you scheduled job you will receive an email with a success or fail message.

    To manage/execute jobs in a schedule if you are in wondows use Windows Scheduler, if in Linux use cron.
    To run those jobs you need to learn about kitchen and/or pan.
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