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Thread: SetVariable in script value component

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    Default SetVariable in script value component


    I am having some struggles in understanding the behaviour of the method setVariable when used in Script Value component. Variable scopes are nicely described here
    but I have some problems when re-running the transformation where it seems that the variable is reused from the previous run. Here is the snippet from the component:

    var filenameList = getVariable("FILENAME_LIST","");
    // Add first filenam
         filenameList = inputFilename+ ";" +outputFilename;
    // Add additional filenames
         filenameList += "\n"+inputFilename+ ";" +outputFilename;
    writeToLog("FileList: "+filenameList);
    // Set variable up-to the root job

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    You don't say so, but I guess you're running your transformation from spoon, yes?
    In that case you will notice that variables you set will persist until you restart spoon.
    Or you adjust the variable scope from "root" to "parent", so spoon's variable space isn't touched.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Looking at the code you are running, I see a giant warning: You CANNOT set and get variables within the same transformation.

    So if you have incoming data:

    and you run the above code, you will get odd results.

    What is your end-goal for this piece of work? We can make some suggestions on how to implement in PDI.

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