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Thread: extracting XML CDATA from mondrian.xml

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    Default extracting XML CDATA from mondrian.xml

    Hello All

    I am reading a mondrian.xml file with the PDI "Get XML Data" step. I am struggling to extract the CDATA from annotations and measure expressions.

    Could somebody kindly provide a sample config for the XPath, Element, and Result Type settings in the "Fields" for the CDATA found in a simple annotation and/or measure expression please

    fyi.....I am trying to avoid using the Stax step to keep the transformation simple

    measure expression example::

    <Measure name="contract_actions" datatype="Numeric" formatString="#,###;(#,###)" aggregator="sum" caption="Actions (Contracted)" visible="true">
    <Annotation name="AnalyzerBusinessGroup">
    <=!=[=C=D=A=T=A=[Measures (Contract)]=]=>
    <SQL dialect="generic">
    <=!=[=C=D=A=T=A=[(CASE WHEN rate_type_group IN ('CPA') THEN contract_units ELSE 0 END)]=]=>

    the foodmart.xml mondrian file could be used for an example as well (attached)

    Thank you in advance
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