Hi all,

I need to pass parameter values to my transformation (as variables for use in a "Get Variables" step). I can do so using executeTrans, by appending them to my url (any unused URL parameters get passed on to the transformation).

Now I need to run a transformation asynchronously (meaning the API call should return immediately after scheduling the transformation).
runTrans (instead of executeTrans) seems to be the right call, and also works for me, except that my additional URL parameters do not get passed on as variables to my transformation. From reading the code at https://github.com/pentaho/pentaho-k...nsServlet.java I gather that runTrans is supposed to also pass on the parameters in the call.

The call I am making looks like the following:
curl -L --user cluster:secret "http://localhost:9081/kettle/executeTrans?rep=repository&trans=test_trans&clientconfig=myconfig.conf"

And I would expect the "clientconfig" variable to be available for a "Get Variables" step (and it is when using executeTrans instead).

Has anybody had the same issue? Any mistakes I am making?