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Thread: How to fill up with previous values?

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    Default How to fill up with previous values?

    We have to process an excel file coming from an external source over which we have no control.

    It's a very simple file but columns with the same value as in the previous row(s) are not filled up. So we get rows like


    On rows 2 and 3 the first column must be read as "aaa"
    On rows 4 and 5 the second column must be read as "ggg"

    Deprecated step "Get previous row fields" could solve the first row with a missing value (i.e. rows 2 and 4), but not subsequent ones (nor 3 neither 5) ... and obviously as a deprecated step we would prefer not to use it.

    Any idea?


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    Turn the repeat option on on the Fields definition tab?

    Also, you didn't mention which version you are using, nor the particular step. I'm guessing that you're talking about the Microsoft Excel Input step.

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    That's it! Thanks, I didn't know what the Repeat option was for ... and din't think about checking the doc for it.

    I didn't mention any particular step because I was open to any solution, but yes we usually use Microsoft Excel Input step to read excel files . We use both 4 & 5 versions.

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