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Thread: Read ISAM (COBOL) data files

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    Question Read ISAM (COBOL) data files


    We have multiple very old ISAM COBOL files on mainframe containing historical data. I have to read/migrate this data (stored in the ISAM files) with Pentaho DI and load the same to PostgreSQL database with little or no transformations.

    How do I achieve this with Pentaho DI ?

    One workaround solution could be to write a Cobol program to convert the ISAM files to regular datasets in mainframe and then ftp/read the converted files easily. However, please let me know if there is a solution to read directly from the ISAM files with Pentaho without having to develop another cobol program. Also, please let me know any tips about the migration.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Read mainframe flat files


    I am new to Pentaho DI. Can anyone please let me know how I can read mainframe flat files step by step. Are plugins needed to be installed or we can read directly ?

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Once there was an attempt to provide a third-party COBOL-Input step, but I never used it.
    Usually you have a simple COBOL program to unpack fields by means of MOVE CORR.
    Now that the binary fields are gone you can expect EBCDIC to ASCII conversion to work.
    It's easy to process the resulting file using Text-File-Input, then, providing the field position and length.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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