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Thread: PDI Rest API outputting CSV data can not be processed

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    Default PDI Rest API outputting CSV data can not be processed

    I have a PDI rest api transformation which returns a file consisting of: Result field containing 2 header rows and data in a CSV format. I then need to process this data in another transformation to get a CSV format I can load into a table. The issue, I cannot find a transformation that can process the Result field and separate it out from the CSV file which I need to then load. I have tried several transformation including the Text File Input transformation. The transformation appears to have a problem separating/ removing the result field information. If I remove the Result field information (Result word and related quotes) manually in an editor I can then process the CSV file fine. Any ideas how to approach or a resolution to my problem?

    I did a similar process where I called the rest api transformation retrieving Json data which I successfully transformed into a DB table. However this exercise where the CSV data from the rest api is to be processed has been a challenge.

    Any thoughts or pointers?

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    Could you please attached an example of your CSV file you generated in the first step?


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    Text-File-Input isn't able to read a CSV-file from a field.
    You'll have to use Split-Field-To-Rows to separate the lines.
    If you are lucky you can use Split-Fields, then, to separate the fields.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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