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Thread: Possible Arff or Xrff format question

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    Default Possible Arff or Xrff format question

    Hé guys,

    I'm wondering if the following is possible: so far, with some fiddling, I can't figure it out.
    I have several image with feature extraction from google inception. This means that all my images have 1000 features with a weight attributed to them. (Chance of it being in there)
    The top 5 weighted features are selected to be the only important ones, because the rest is a really low chance.
    The question is, is it possible to select AND weigh a feature based on the list of a 1000 features, or do I have to manually set all values to 0 except the top 5 values?
    I also do this in Multiple Instance learning, so that I somethings get 10,000 values on one line, combining that with a training set of 2000 creates a tidiously slow algorithm.
    I hope I was clear enough.

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    I'm not sure that I understand. Can't you just remove all the features that have zero weight from the data entirely?

    I think the only algorithm in Weka that can make use of attribute weights directly is naive Bayes.


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