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Thread: Table Input with multiple steps

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    Default Table Input with multiple steps

    Hello everyone-

    I have been having challenges running SQL scripts with multiple steps in Pentaho. I have been trying to run the attached SQL script inside a Pentaho "Table Input" step but when I do it fails with an error message "No results were returned by the query."

    I then tried putting all but the final line into an "Execute SQL Script" step and running that first then running a Table Input step with only the final select in it but the SQL script also fails with "No results were returned by the query." I thought the whole point of running an SQL script was that it didn't have to return a result? Apparently not.

    Can anyone tell me how I should structure this in Pentaho so it will run properly? (The SQL runs just fine in pgAdmin and the final table created, ${ETL_FILE_PROCESSING_OUT_TABLE}_contacts_final , has the correct data in it. It just seems that Pentaho doesn't like the way this SQL is structured, it is almost as if it expects only one statement.
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    I'm no expert, but try stripping out the comments.

    Also, you seem to be trying to do all your ETL work at the SQL level, and then wrapping the execution in PDI.
    You should really invest the time in breaking them all out into true PDI calls, which will improve the readability of the work.

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    It looks as if you want all of the SQL statements, except the last one, to set up your table, and then you want the last statement to select from it in your Table Input step. Try putting all SQL except the last select into a "SQL" step in a PDI *job*, and then call your transformation in the job, after the SQL job step, using the "select * from ${ETL_FILE_PROCESSING_OUT_TABLE}_contacts_final" as the only statement in that transformation's Table Input step.

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