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Thread: Concatenate fixed values to several columns

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    Default Concatenate fixed values to several columns

    Hi there

    I need to do this. I am getting several columns that I need to modified like this:


    The values for Prefix and Suffix are always the same for all the new columns, the length of the column is been reduced . Now I wonder if there is a way to reach this without using the "Concat Fields" and the "Cut" steps, given that the number of columns could increase later, and I would like to do this (if possible) in one step.

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    You can use a few lines of Calculator step:
    1) Set column to constant A,Column A:Prefix Remove:Y
    2) Set column to constant A,Column A:Suffix Remove:Y
    3) A+B+C, A:PrefixColumn, B:Column_Value, C:SuffixColumn, Remove: N

    You can also use the formula step, or the User Defined Java Expression step, both of which are also very quick steps.

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    Thank you for your reply. I did not know how to make reference to input columns in the formula expression, I was used to see expression like ${variable}, but after look for a solution (thanks to your answer), I realised that for columns, the notation is just [column_name].
    Right now this component is working perfectly for me.

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