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Thread: Using HTTP Trasfer File job step to get prpt file for burst report

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    Default Using HTTP Trasfer File job step to get prpt file for burst report

    With the sunsetting of action sequences, i have need to retool my bursting reports. There was a suggestion to use the HTTP Transfer file job step to pull the prpt file I need into PDI to run the report burst from there. What I can't figure out is how to access my BA (6.0.1) repository to get the report file to download. "But, Dan," you ask," why are you downloading the file from your BA repository?" Good question. That particular report is called several different places, and I want to have ONE report definition that everything that uses it calls.

    Has anyone used the HTTP Transfer in a job before against the BA server?

    Our environment:

    6.0.1 BA and DI (Archive installations)
    Oracle as the repository for both
    Server running Debian 64-bit Linux

    Thanks in advance for an insights.
    Dan Peacock
    Enterprise Data Architect and Oracle DBA/Apologist

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    Maybe there's more insight amongst EE users?
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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