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Thread: Input/output keeps running

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    Default Input/output keeps running

    Hi all,

    I'm fairly new to Kettle and I am trying to fix an ETL process of a guy who made it 4 years ago. I've been debugging quite a while now and I was able to solve some problems but I am stuck now.

    I am reading in from a database called "im_costs" and i send it to a Filter Rows step. I check on a attribute there and then divide it to other steps. Later when i filled up the missing values i merge them back together.
    The transformation keeps running. I can see in the metrics that im_costs table shows the following .Name:  im_costs.jpg
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    What could be the problem that the table Im_costs isn't able to output all his rows?

    If you need more information feel free to ask. Thanks for replying.

    Best regards,

    Wouter Belmans

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    The first thing I will do is to remove temporary the "merge back" just in case that's the reason it continues to run. Also inserting a few "Write to log" steps might yield some clues of what's going on.


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