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Thread: Problems when processing a set of Excel Files

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    Default Problems when processing a set of Excel Files

    Hi there

    I've got this problem with my ETL. The image shows my configuration:

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    From T1 after populate the output table, I have to save the last incremental value this table has.
    In T2 I am dealing with a csv file, and during the proves I did not have any problem. Now, with T3 is another story. In this transformation I have to process a group of excel files. But I do not know how to preserve the incremental value and the information I need from the Get File Names Step, everytime I am executing the process I am getting this message Error:

    What I need is to use the value from T1 with every file that I am processing in T3, but so far anything has worked.

    Conversion error: 
    ValueFromT1 Number : 
    There was a data type error: 
    the data type of java.lang.String object [C:\Users\Folder\File.xlsx] 
    does not correspond to value meta [Number]

    I would appreciate any suggestion you can give me.

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    The error message really has it all: You are accessing a misconfigured field.
    Check Get-Rows-From-Result and compare with the fields (type & order) emitted by Copy-Rows-To-Result in T1.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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