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Thread: Data fitting to Linear result

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    Default Data fitting to Linear result


    Complete newbie to Data Mining and not very good at maths I was wondering if WEKA can do something like this.
    ID4 gain ID10 ID1 ID3_75C
    2665 1.482 105 7040 8005
    Above is a sample of data I get from a thermal device calibration. The ID_75C in an ideal scenario need to equal 9500, but due to poor calibration does not. I need WEKA to give me an equation that most fits the linear results (9500) by using the other data available.

    If I am running WEKA using the available data, including the ID3_75C from the device I can get a solution to fit the "wrong data" but if I enter a column manually and populate it with the 9500 result and then try to solve for it I always get ID3_75C = + 9500, it ignore all the other variables and I need it to do the opposite, ignore ID3_75C and solve for it using everything else available.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Thank You and Kind Regards,


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    Do you have more than one row of data? And is your ideal target value ever different from 9500? If not, then ID3_75C = 9500 is the optimal solution :-)


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