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Thread: Execute as single statement doesn't work with mysql

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    Default Execute as single statement doesn't work with mysql


    I'm trying to execute in a single transaction some mysql instructions. I have tried 'Execute SQL script' and 'Execute row SQL script', but I get an error saying that I have an error in my SQL syntax. If I execute that instructions without single statement option, they work.

    Does single statement work or it's a bug?

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    looking at the documentation, "execute as a single statement" description is "This option does not split the statements by ; and will send the whole SQL to the database." Does this help you?


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    vjsp90 - If I understand your question - you would like to execute several queries and then commit them as a single transaction. While there was a simplified method to implement this in version 5.0 ( this functionality has changed in version 6 and does not appear in the job level although still available at the transaction level. Was this what you were attempting to accomplish?

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    vjsp90, which version are you using? I think there are some pentaho 5 version it was not working. (I think 5.0 and 5.1). With version 6.0 it works for me

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