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Thread: Sample ETL Process Data for educational purposes

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    Smile Sample ETL Process Data for educational purposes

    Hey there everybody.

    I'm a part of a college project studying ETL process starting from Dimensional Data Model on.

    Showing up and asking for help here seemed to me like the best oppurtunity to get help with finding a source of data useful to work with.

    So I'm currently looking for data on a specific field that I will work with, create a model to describe the relevant data and prepate transformation tables in Spoon, then run the ETL process and report on findings.

    Examples of fields of concern would be: Financial situation & National well being, Currency drop and affect on a crisis, Mining reasons that affect crime rate withing a certain area, Some kind of Geographical data, Demographical data, relationship between Education and happiness or salary of population of a country/state/area.
    Pretty much any kind of a closed package of tables (relational database data, Excel tables, CSV files, ...) is good data, as long as a meaningful model can be built and ETL process started and conclusions derived.

    It is very welcome to have at least 4 most meaningful dimensions.

    Might seem unusual topic but I'm sure there must be people working with data, knowing sources better than someone being thrown in it all.

    So I'm asking you to help me with this.

    Where can I find & download such data?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hborda View Post
    No, kill me instead.
    My question was too broad, this source, WAY TOO BROAD.
    Something else?
    I'm asking for pretty much anything as long as it's a complete package that can easily be used to derive whatever from it.

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