I have the following level declaration at a Payers dimension hierarchy:

<Level name="payer" visible="true" column="payor_id" nameColumn="payor_name" ordinalColumn="payor_id" type="String" uniqueMembers="false" levelType="Regular" hideMemberIf="Never" caption="Payer">

Here is the problem. In some cases we are transferring data from the Master Data to the Warehouse were we have records with unique column (Key element) , but the same description at the nameColumn, as you can see with the following sample:

column= 1234 nameColumn=John Smith
column= 1235 nameColumn=John Smith
column= 1236 nameColumn=John Smith
column= 1237 nameColumn=John Smith

When performing a search, the MDX will look like this:

select NON EMPTY {[Measures].[total_payments]} ON COLUMNS,
NonEmptyCrossJoin([d_organization.h_organization].[business_entity].Members, {[d_security.h_security].[1]}) ON ROWS
from [payments_cube]
where {[d_payers.h_payer_group_type].[GROUP1].[GROUP_TYPE_1].John Smith],
[d_payers.h_payer_group_type].[GROUP1].[GROUP_TYPE_1].[John Smith],
[d_payers.h_payer_group_type].[GROUP1].[GROUP_TYPE_1].[John Smith],
[d_payers.h_payer_group_type].[GROUP1].[GROUP_TYPE_1].[John Smith]}

The payer (last level in hierarchy) is belong to the same GROUP1 and GROUP_TYPE but they are different at the payer level, per column id. Mondrian will only match the first record total and not the rest. Is there a way to configure the schema to use the column identifier to properly aggregate those records in the results set?