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Thread: Text file input field repeat not working

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    Default Text file input field repeat not working

    Hi, in PDI 4.4 the option to repeat values when the next step is empty works fine. After migrating to PDI 6.0 Stable, this step fails to repeat. Tried in PDI 5.4 with same issue.
    Is this a known bug?


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    Hi yes there is a jira case (dont have the number) and it has been fixed in one of SP between and 5.4.1
    Or 6.0 and 6.0.3. But i think SP are for EE users (lucky me), i dont know how it is released for CE.
    I think you'll have to build it from source from the github project.
    That's very unclear for me what is fixed for EE and is fixed for CE version!
    In version 5.4, warn there is also a nasty bug, as if you use the compatibility mode "EMPTY STRING DIFFER FROM NULL=N"
    (means null and empty strigs are the same, like in v3 and 4)
    then when you use text file input then emtpy field are still set to empty string instead of null.
    This insidious if you test myVar==null in your javascripts!!!

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    Thanks for the reply! Can anyone suggest a work around? If the "Repeat" and "Trim" are not working in the CE all the way back to 5.4, is it conceivable it will ever be fixed in a soon to come CE version?

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