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Thread: Can I use variable in Select Value

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    Default Can I use variable in Select Value


    I want to know. can we use variable in select value step for field name.

    please help me


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    Not sure what issue you are having. Try this:
    Objective: we will create a datagrid with columns a,b and values a,b. We will then create a parameter (MyField) which indicates which field we want to replace with the value in b.

    1. Create a new transform.
    2. Right click on transform area, select Properties, then on the Parameters tab add a parameter called "MyField" with the value "a".
    3. Add a "Data Grid" transform, and create two columns and two values (first tab defines types (a,string; b,string), second tab describes values (a,b)).
    4. Add a "Set field value" transform and as the "field name" type "${MyField}, and as the "Replace by value from field" type "b".

    Finally, Run, then select the "Set field Value" transform, and "Preview data" tab at the bottom.

    You see:
    Columns: a b
    Values: b b

    Showing that you replaced the value in field a with the value in field b using "MyField" as the parameter.
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    thanks for replying

    i got the solution for my issue

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