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Thread: Run powershell script from Pentaho - execution privilege problem?

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    Default Run powershell script from Pentaho - execution privilege problem?


    when running a powershell script it just stucks. On other machine that has not so strict policy setting the transformation runs well. If I run the execution string in cmd it finish sucesfully. Execution string is the following:
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    C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe D:\path_toscritpt\tst-generate-conf-files-02.ps1
    The problem is the transformation is just stuck without giving any error.

    Powershell excution policy is currently set to 'Unrestricted'.

    Here is the pic from it:
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    It is a powershell set up, nothing related to PDI.

    regards, Hugo

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    It was not related to the powershell configuration but to the 'Process' component. I suspect that the component was not correctly closing the opened stream. I could solve the problem with implementing the execution of the script in a custom java component.

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