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Thread: Problems for help in Building PDI

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    Unhappy Problems for help in Building PDI

    I download and try to build it by running `ant clean-all resolve create-dot-classpath`But I got an error after that,i will show the error in the attachments.I searched google and found another guy has met the same problem in 2014 but he didnt solve that in the end.I try to resolve by ivy command several times but it doesnt work.Does anyone know how can i solve this problem,I needs ur help.Thanks~
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    maybe its too hard to see the attached pic clearly.the problem is:
    impossible to acquire lock for org.fife.ui#rsyntaxtextarea;1.3.2
    [FAILED ] org.fife.ui#rsyntaxtextarea;1.3.2!rsyntaxtextarea.jar:impossible to get lock for org.fife.ui#rsyntaxtextarea;1.3.2 (0ms)
    :::: ERRORS
    impossible to acquire lock for org.fife.ui#rsyntaxtextarea

    Which comfuse me the most is that i can resolve successfully in eclipse but cant run ant corrently in eclipse.
    If i use the cmd and run ant command,I can not even resolve corrently.
    After i copy the jar file from my eclipse workspaces to C:\Users\lh\.ivy2\local\org.fife.ui\rsyntaxtextarea\1.3.2\jars ,but it still has the same problem.

    I really dont know why.can someone just help me and teach me how to build pdi properly?
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