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Thread: Move Files

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    Arrow Move Files

    "Move File" help description ( says
    Example for a move (rename) of a file on a FTP server (username/password must be given for source and destination).

    • File source: ftp://username:password@ftpserver/dir/testfile_partly.txt
    • File destination: ftp://username:password@ftpserver/dir/testfile.txt
    • Check "Destination is a file" in the "Destination File" tab.
    How to make the component to transfer files in passive ftp mode (literal passv) ?

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    Look for SFTP and FTPS steps under the "File Transfer" section of the Job design tree.

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    Thanks. But they can't trasnfer folders. I.e. I have to use one more FTP job entry on each folder level. And not all of ftp job entries make folders. Copy / move files is more convenient.

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