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Thread: Parsing Text file with different data sets with different number of columns

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    Default Parsing Text file with different data sets with different number of columns


    I need to load a file that has different datasets. Each dataset I have to load into different table.

    for each dataset it starts with data set type and columns names in multiple rows followed by data as below.

    Second line contains # followed by number of columns, data set type, file number, date. Next few lines contains column names and data type. Actual data is between SSL and EOD lines.

    Like this I have different datasets in the same file with different number of columns and I want to load this data into multiple tables based on data set type. Attached is the sample file.

    # 4 SECURITY CODE MAP FILE.02 20160415
    # 1 Calculation Date calc_date D 8 0
    # 2 As Of Date as_of_date D 8 0
    # 3 Security Name security_name S 25 0
    # 4 Test Security Code Test_security_code N 7 0
    # 1 2 3 4
    |20160415| 20160415| ACCOR

    Please let me know how I can handle this.

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    Try this.

    Use Regexp Evaluation to identify when a new dataset/file begins. I assumed that each dataset starts with a row containing 'FILExx'.
    That gives you the starting rowNum of each file. Use Analytic Query to lookup the NextStartRow of the next file. Then join these two streams using a cartesian join with condition rowNum >= StartRowNum AND rowNum < NextStartRowNum.
    That gives you the dataset/filename on each row: FILE01, FILE02, FILE03.

    You can take it from there. E.g. use filter steps to split up the the rows by filename.

    I am not very familiar with Partitioning, but perhaps you can use this method as well to split up the data by partition key = filename and then process each one separately.
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