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Thread: Error: Problem de-serializing model file using supplied file name!

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    Default Error: Problem de-serializing model file using supplied file name!

    Brand-new WEKA user here. I created a model (file with .model extension, right?) in WEKA. I use the "Browse" button to put its path in the "Load/import forecaster" box. Nothing appears in the "Fields mapping" or "Model" tabs. Running the transformation results in "Problem de-serializing model file using supplied file name!". I'm using PDI and WEKA 3.8.

    I have no clue where to go from here. Any help would be appreciated.

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    PDI ships with Weka 3.7.11. Models created in 3.8.0 are not compatible I'm afraid. The good news is that you can simply swap the 3.7.11 jar file out of PDI - you'll find it in the lib directory of the weka-forecasting plugin in PDI's plugin directory, it will be named pdm-3.7-*.jar - and replace it with the weka.jar file that comes with Weka 3.8.0. Alternatively, you can download Weka 3.7.11 and recreate your forecasting model.


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