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Thread: Scheduling a report with dynamic date ranges

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    Default Scheduling a report with dynamic date ranges

    Does anybody know whether it is possible to dynamically set parameters when scheduling a report to run?

    We have a report that has 2 parameters for a start and end date. In the report designer these default to the first and last day of the previous month. Running the report manually - works fine.

    However, when we then try and schedule the report to run each month - it uses the dates entered at the time the report was scheduled. There doesn't appear to be any way to have these calculated dynamically.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    hello Team
    i have same issue. please help me

    Thanks in advance

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    The usual solution to this (Since BI Server sets the parameters when scheduled and doesn't change them) is to use a parameter of "isScheduled" and then do some calculations in the SQL Statement:

    Select stuff where invoiceDate > (CASE WHEN ${isScheduled} = 1 THEN DATEADD(NOW(), -1, d) END ELSE ${StartDate})

    ***This is given only as a pointer to the correct direction ***

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    Some time ago Taqua suggest the use of a bolean parameter and duplicated parameters for start and end time, the steps are:

    1. Create a boolean parameter for example: manual_execution default FALSE
    2. Create duplicated parameters for the dates for example: if you have start_date and end_date, then create start_date_hidden and end_date_hidden.
    3. The secondary parameters called hidden should be hidden (omg surprise ) and the default values are you desire first and last day of last month.
    4. The main parameters remove default value and fill the Default Value Formula with: =IF([manual_execution];[start_date];[start_date_hidden])

    In that way you shedule the report with manual_execution in false, it'll take the values in hidden parameters for the report.
    When you execute the report manually you should mark that field to use the dates you choose.

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