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Thread: Compare data set with target from other spreadsheet

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    Default Compare data set with target from other spreadsheet

    I am brand-spanking new to Weka and really need help with this:
    I have these two spreadsheets of data:
    Spreadsheet A contains a list of the thousands of types of birds found in North America, each with an ID and attributes (beak, wing shape, etc.) about them.
    Spreadsheet B contains 2015's recorded sightings from a national birding organization. Whenever a sighting is made, the bird's ID is recorded along with information about the sighting.
    Now, Weka will let me use the Explorer to make numerical and visual comparisons such as "beak color vs. average weight" by opening spreadsheet A.
    But how can I make the comparison "beak color vs. 2015's sightings"? That is, analysis on the percentage of sightings with an orange beak, yellow beak, etc.
    To do this, I need both the data from spreadsheet A and spreadsheet B, but I cannot find an efficient way to do this.
    Note: Alternatively, please feel free to suggest another tool for this.
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    It doesn't sound like you need machine learning for this. I would say you'd want both spreadsheets loaded into a relational database so that you can join the two tables on the ID field, and perhaps group by ID in the sightings table in order to count sightings by ID.


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