Call me old fashioned, but even on this era of blogs, social media, info scattered through the net, it's always amazing to see a book covering our technology. Just feels like it's more real when you can actually physically pick something up.

And, once again I may be the only one thinking this, but I see it as a great milestone in a project's lifecycle; it's not a pet project anymore - it's the real deal.

And a latest addition that is particularly close for obvious reasons: Miguel Gaspar, one of our consultants, went ahead and published a book covering Pentaho Ctools

I'm obviously really proud to see a book coming out on a project I had do opportunity to work on from the ground up (even though today the team always kick me out from the dev room and don't let me touch a single line of code...). I did a quick search and found the forum post over 8 years old that announced the first release ever of CDF, the first Ctool.

Amazing stuff Miguel. Thanks for doing this, I would never be able to write a book (hum... well, technically I actually wrote one but.... meh, ignore)
Other Pentaho literature

We've been lucky enough to have already a couple of books covering several aspects of pentaho - The platform, a couple covering PDI, and... well, more than I can link. And I see this as a huge advantage. I'm sure any prospect / customer will feel much more confident by seeing this huge amount of resources available.

Just take a look at this screenshot with the search results from Mind blowing, and from one editor alone (there's more on Wiley and others). It's just what you get when you can work with a great community :)