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Thread: CCC - orthoAxisFixedMin/leafContentOverflow usage + dom-to-image lib

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    Default CCC - orthoAxisFixedMin/leafContentOverflow usage + dom-to-image lib

    Hi there,

    We're combining ccc graphics output with dom-to-image library in order to generate a more wysiwyg images than the ones produced by cgg (made some pocs and got better visual results), and we've come across a problem while using 'orthoAxisFixedMin', due to the rect's having an 'x' negative value that stands beneath the 0 axis.

    rect[Attributes Style]
           shape-rendering: crispEdges;
           cursor: pointer;
           x: -25.8906;
           y: 135.885;
           width: 89.5816;
           height: 30.5741;
           fill: rgb(0, 47, 157);
    Reading a little bit, have found 'leafContentOverflow' with visible/hidden values, but this does not solve the problem. With a quick search over pv/ccc docu have not found any clues in order to have some workaround.
    Guess it's not easy to resolve, but any ideas appreciated.


    pd: will check if this problem also exists using cgg in order to weigh the pros/cons of using it
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    What do those rects represent? Bars of a bar chart?
    Does this only happen when you have orthoAxisFixedMin?
    Note that even when using orthoAxisFixedMin, bars are still drawn from the 0 value to the target value.
    And why is a negative X a problem?
    And could you give examples (or image comparisons) of the visual aspects in which your method is better than CGG?


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    Hi @duarte,

    After creating this task I realised that it might be a dom-to-image issue and not CCC. Seems library does not handle SVG clipPath correctly, so I derived it to them (no answer yet)

    The fiddle in that issue uses the final SVG, but this one would be a real example with pvc

    Related to CGG; as we're developing dashboards from outside CDE, we could not benefit from the automatic generation of the js scripts

    We tried a workaround were this JS was generated on the fly, using chart definition, and uploaded to JCR vía API, but the exported images had many differences compared to what was rendered.
    As it was long time ago, I have no access to those proof of concepts now, but I do have some notes from it
    - several colours are not applied, showing a colour that is not
    - pies give an error: "plot type 'pie' can only be used within a pie chart"
    - some line graphics are exported as bars
    - can't export non basic CCC charts (such as raphael radial)

    Probably this issues were not related to CGG, but to the way we developed this graphs, or our dynamic js uploads to JCR... Guess we found a quicker way to achieve our goal using wysiwyg libraries (dom-to-image, html2canvas, ...) with the benefit that we could also export other surrounding elements of the graphics (such as titles, and other contextual information not related to the graphic itself)
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    Thanks for the clarifications!

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