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Thread: From ETL Metadata Injection to CDE

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    Default From ETL Metadata Injection to CDE


    I'm a recent user of Pentaho, and I use PDI 6.1, and biserver-ce 6.1.

    I made a template transformation "T1" that I execute using ETL Metadata Injection in another transformation "T2".
    I want to get the results in CDE using kettle over kettleTransFromFile, to get dynamic dashboards.
    Now unlike a Transformation Executor I see no way to get the result from T1 when executed by T2.

    I tried using the last step from T1 or T2 without getting any results.

    So is there a solution, or do I have to use a file in wich save my results (which I would really dislike) ?

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    Hi phil_bess,

    I'm trying to do this too. Did you ever figure out how to do it?


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    OK, so I have finally been able to do this.
    My first etl is used to prepare and inject the metadata the second one is used to actually execute a denormalization into which the metadata is injected.
    Now I had two problems.

    1. once uploded into biserver the first etl would not see the second etl. This I solved sticking the second etl in tomcat/bin for now. Later on I hope to try this out:

    2. I was not able to get data dack from the second etl... It seems the "kettle over kettleTransFromFile" datasource in CDE can only obtain data from a "Kettle Step name" whitin the etl first called and defined in "Kettle Transformation File". So after many hours of browsing forums and different articles a line in the Pentaho documentation grabbed my attention... I do not recall the exact wording nor the sites URL... but the gist was that the Metadata Injection step had some config where one could tell it to grab data from a specific step in the second etl and return it into its own flow... And I figured out that it is on the "Metadata Injection" step, "Options" tab under "Template step to read from (optional)" so in the box next to this lable I just entered the name of the step I wanted to get the data from and voilá the data was now available in my first etl.

    So I just added a Dummy step after the Metadata Injection step in my first etl and in CDE I told it to get the data from this Dummy Step. Done.

    Here an example for this based on the example given by simon in this post:

    So I meant to attach an example here... but it seems I don't have permission to do so. Sorry.
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