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Thread: Calculated Member returns wrong values

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    Default Calculated Member returns wrong values

    Hi Mondrian Forum,

    Requesting some help with some Mondrian behavior I cannot figure out. I am new to Mondrian, but very experienced with Microsoft Analysis Server. I am working with Mondrian 3.12 on Windows 7.

    Attached is a Mondrian cube XML file I am working on. It is an airline application. It has two date dimensions: Change Date and Leg Departure Date and a Route Leg dimension. The example has two measures, gross_revenue_delta_aud_amt and passenger_delta_quantity which are the passenger intakes and the passenger revenue taken in on a Change Date for a flight on a Leg Departure Date.

    The cube has two calculated members Gross Passenger Revenue and Net Passengers
    SUM({PeriodsToDate([Change Date].[(All)])}),[Measures].[gross_revenue_delta_aud_amt])
    SUM({PeriodsToDate([Change Date].[(All)])}),[Measures].[passenger_delta_quantity])

    When I query the cube by placing the measures on columns and change dates (day) on the rows the Net Passengers calculated member returns the value for Gross Passenger Revenue calculated member as in the sample below

    Leg Departure Date APR-2016
    Route Leg East Coast

    Row Labels gross_revenue_delta_aud_amt passenger_delta_quantity Gross Passenger Revenue Net Passengers
    2016-03-22 $6,765.26 50 136258.55 136258.55
    2016-03-23 $7,789.03 57 144047.58 144047.58
    2016-03-24 $5,563.51 34 149611.09 149611.09
    2016-03-25 $553.68 7 150164.77 150164.77
    2016-03-26 $861.76 9 151026.53 151026.53
    2016-03-27 $812.61 8 151839.14 151839.14

    I have tried setting the solve order property but it did not work. If I change the order of measure definition in the XML by putting passenger_delta_quantity first then the Gross Passenger Revenue becomes the value for Net Passengers.

    Am I doing something incorrectly? Thanks in advance for any help.

    Bob Doss
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    oops ) in the wrong place in PeriodsToDate caused the default measure to be applied. Reminder to self: 'mind your MDX'. Another question - what is the favourite Mondrian MDX editor - something like the Mosha Posumansky MDX Studio - or better yet does MDX Studio work with Mondrian? Cheers, Bob Doss

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