Hi all,
I don't know if this question belongs to this forum or the BI Server forum, I'm posting it here since I'm finding this problem trying to upload the examples of the book Learning Pentaho CTools.
OS: Ubuntu 14.04
Pentaho CE BIServer:

The book comes with code samples and in these samples there is a folder with fonts to upload as resources to the css file. The fonts folder usually contains for each font type 4 files:
  • opensans-bold.eot
  • opensans-bold.svg
  • opensans-bold.ttf
  • opensans-bold.woff

The thing is, when I try to upload them to the server, I only can upload the .svg, when I try to upload the other 3 files I get the error:
Upload Unsuccessful. Really tried, but this type of file is not compatible
(I have translated the error since it shows in Spanish):
Name:  20160711_005.png
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There's no error message in catalina.out

The fonts are referenced in the .css file of the Dashboard, and catalina.out is showing these error messages when I open the Dashboard:
ERROR [ResourcesApi] resource not found:home/my.user/My Path/fonts/opensans-light.ttf
Is there a way to upload this files?