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Thread: Package forecast Lag Creation

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    Default Package forecast Lag Creation

    Hi all,
    I have question about Lag Creation under Forecast advanced setting, there is a field called Fine tune lag selection.
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    How can I set it?
    Can I retrieve this type of information on ACF or PACF plot, if there is a lag out of confidence interval?


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    Fine tune lags just allows you to remove certain lagged variables in the transformed data between the minimum and maximum lag length. E.g. if min lag is 1 and max lag is 12, then entering a string in the fine tune lag selection box such as "1,3,7-12" will omit lag t-2 as well as t-4 through t-6. The Weka time series environment does not generate any ACF or PACF plots I'm afraid.


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    Thank you, but If I examine the lag value with other software like R, plot the acf and pacf, check if there is a significant lag, can I insert this value on fine tune lag selection field in Weka?

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