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Thread: How is pentaho-mongodb-plugin used in kettle

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    Default How is pentaho-mongodb-plugin used in kettle


    In an attempt to enable SSL in connecting to Mongo databases, I am building pentaho-mongodb-plugin as well as pentaho-mongo-utils from source.

    How do I use the created jars in my kettle installation?

    I tried putting my modified pentaho-mongodb-plugin.jar in my kettle installation path C:\pdi-ce-\data-integration\system\karaf\system\pentaho\pentaho-mongodb-plugin\ but it doesnt seem to picking up changes. I even deleted the jar from that location but still it remain unchanged.

    Would I have to build kettle from source to get it to use my built jar file?

    Also how do I get my pentaho-mongodb-plugin source to use my modified pentaho-mongo-utils jar file (I am planning to modify the MongoClientWrapper) ?

    (I am not a Java developer)

    Any help would be highly appreciated...


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    Question Did you had any progress?


    Did you had any progress in this? I'm trying to use pentaho-mongodb-plugin, but no success.
    When running 'ant', it says it cannot locate tools.jar.

    Any idea? Tks.

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