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Thread: Creating/Converting .arff files

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    Default Creating/Converting .arff files

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to weka and I'm trying to convert some .txt files to .arff format.
    For example the brown corpus:

    I've tried using this tool for the task:

    But when I try to use the provided command "java weka.core.converters.TextDirectoryLoader -dir text_example > text_example.arff" I get
    the following error: Main class weka.core.converters.TextDirectoryLoader can't be found or loaded.

    (I'm using Windows 7 x64 and Weka 3.9.0 developer version, opened the command prompt, navigated to the folder which contains my subfolder with the .txt file and entered this command)

    I also tried the same with the weka explorer: Open File -> Chose the folder with the subfolder (with .txt) -> After error message I chose TextDirectoryLoader -> Click ok with provided parameters

    Unfortunately I only get a .arff file with 1kb this way...

    Is there a better way to convert a .txt file to a .arff file? Am I doing something wrong with the TextDirectoryLoader?

    I hope someone can help me because it would take me weeks to create the .arff files on my own
    Thanks in advance!

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    The TextDirectoryLoader expects individual documents to be housed in separate files contained within a directory that corresponds to the class for that collection of documents. It looks like your browns corpus is one giant file - so you'll need to split it up into individual documents first.


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