Hi community!,

Pentaho uses JIRA to manage Pentaho projects. I think it would be nice if the community could use Mondrian itself to to analyze the Pentaho projects on JIRA.

It would only require very few clicks to install the following plugins from the Atlassian Marketplace on JIRA:

1. SQL for JIRA [to transform the JIRA Java API into a relational database server]
2. SQL for JIRA - Analytical Business Intelligence Server (Pentaho) [to deploy Mondrian on JIRA and transform JIRA into a XML/A Server and Roland Bouman's pash as MDX command line)

3. SQL for JIRA - Analytical Business Intelligence Client (Saiku) [to deploy Saiku Analytics community edition on JIRA and perform visual data analysis right from inside JIRA]

Everything runs under the JIRA user's security context so you can be confident that the users are able to analyze granted data only.

Easy to install, no further configuration required, everything automatically works out-of-the-box, no security data risks and a lot of power for data analysis based on Mondrian to track Pentaho projects even better!!

Perhaps it is also a great opportunity to see running Mondrian in a not too much common way: Mondrian data sources and schemas are built on the fly and Mondrian they remain private for users' http sessions (everything is binded to a HTTP session).

Hopefully the community finds this interesting and useful!

Best regards,