If I have measures (Sales, Quantity) as the items 'on columns', and have the dimension (All Years) on columns too.
When I expand the 'All Years' to show the years, the measures change order. It looks like they are reverting to the same order as listed in the Schema.

Can I stop this from happening? I would like the order of measures to stay the same when I expand the dimensions.
The automatic resulting MDX looks like it is the same order (at least they are listed that way), but the UI does not show it that way.

Issue can be seen using 'SteelWheelsSales' and Pivot4J and the following steps.

1. Initial MDX:
SELECT CrossJoin({[Measures].[Sales], [Measures].[Quantity]}, {[Time].[All Years]}) ON COLUMNS, {[Customers].[All Customers]} ON ROWS FROM [SteelWheelsSales]

2. Expand the [All Years] column within the UI to show the years.

3. The MDX changes to:
SELECT Hierarchize(Union(Union(CrossJoin({[Measures].[Sales]}, {[Time].[All Years]}), CrossJoin({[Measures].[Sales]}, [Time].[All Years].Children)), {([Measures].[Quantity], [Time].[All Years])})) ON COLUMNS, {[Customers].[All Customers]} ON ROWS FROM [SteelWheelsSales]

4. But the view of the measures within the PivotJ4 UI shows the [Quantity] first, and then the [Sales]

Note: I have also tried this in JPivot, and it behaves in the same way.