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Thread: CDE Line Chart Legend Click Mode

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    Question CDE Line Chart Legend Click Mode

    Hi all,

    I have a line chart with legend on my dashboard. I want to show all line on execute. and when i click the legend, it only shows the line i clicked. (not as the default: it remove the line i click)

    Is there any way i can do this??

    Thanks a lot!

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    This can be done by overriding code that gets executed when you click a legend item.
    See also "FAQ > Interaction > Synced series visibility of multiple charts ..."

    Specify the following in preExecution:

    function f() {
      var comp = this;
      this.chartDefinition.legend = {
          scenes: {
            item: {
              execute: function() {
                var series = this.getValue();
                setTimeout(function() {
                    function replaceChartVisibleSeries(series, chart) {
                      var datums =, {visible: true});
            , false);
                      datums ={series: series});
            , true);
                      chart.render(true, true, false);                
                    replaceChartVisibleSeries(series, comp.chart);
                }, 0);

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