Hi guys,

i´m kinda new to MDX.

I need to get the Top 5 Countries on rows and the measure.
Also I need to set a Date Range and a Site that will be later picked in the Dashboard.

But the Order is not working correctly. I dont know why...

Hope you guys can help me.

MDX Query (redacted due to Company Secret):

SELECT Crossjoin([Site.Site Hierarchy].[redacted] ,{[Measures].[redacted]}) ON COLUMNS,
NON EMPTY Order(TopCount({[Country.Country Hierarchy].[Country].Members}, 5, [Measures].[redacted]),[Measures].[redacted], ASC) ON ROWS
FROM [redacted]
({[Time.GA Date Hierarchy].[2016].[8].[1] : [Time.GA Date Hierarchy].[2016].[8].[17]})

Country Measure
UK 58
AUS 227
US 121
CH 192
GER 3.012

It is working if I leave the Measure alone on the Column.