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Thread: WekaForecaster - Save & Load

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    Default WekaForecaster - Save & Load

    I am saving trained wekaforecaster(which uses holtwinters model) on disk. I am loading this forecaster in another process, prime it with new data and then call forecast. Strangely the forecasted results are same as that of new untrained wekaforecaster which means previously saved trained model is not getting utilized. Please help me with this.

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    I'm not too sure I understand. It is not possible to generate a forecast from an untrained WekaForecaster that is using HoltWinters as the underlying scheme - the forecast() method in HoltWinters will throw an exception if it has not seen several seasons worth of data in order to estimate parameters from. Calling primeForecaster() on a WekaForecaster using HoltWinters will cause a reset of HoltWinters, so that it can re-estimate parameters from the priming data and be ready to generate a forecast from the end of the of this data.


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