Hi together,

there is a textfield stored in a table of a MySQL-database containing HTML-Code which is stored by most popular CKEditor-component.
It's just like this POST-Editor at your community-site to put any questions into that forum.

On Report-Desinger the textfield-attribute for "Rich-Text-Type" is set to "text/html". Inspite of this setting HTML-Tables are not shown as such tables and also images are ignored.

Is there a plugin or a java-aplet which supports this feature?
Recommended features are:

  1. Tables like

  • Property-List Value-List
    Property-A Value of A
    Property-B Value of B

  1. font-property-support like
    • bold, underline, italic
    • fontsize
    • font-type

  2. text-alingnment like tabs or listentries (looking like these list)
  3. images

Thanks for reply!