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Thread: displaying the summed up valued in the center of a pie chart

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    Default displaying the summed up valued in the center of a pie chart


    I am am using creating pie chart in CDE like the one in the below link

    However, I am using the code like this below to get a value to display in the center of the pie graph

    new pvc.PieChart({
    canvas: 'cccExample',
    width: 300,
    height: 300,

    animate: false,
    selectable: true,
    hoverable: true,

    valuesVisible: true,
    valuesLabelStyle: 'inside',
    valuesFont: '35px sans-serif',
    valuesMask: '{value.percent}',

    label_visible: function() { return !this.index; },
    label_left: null,
    label_top: null,
    label_textAngle: 0,
    label_textAlign: 'center',
    label_textBaseline: 'middle',
    label_strokeStyle: 'black',

    slice_innerRadiusEx: '85%',

    categoryRole: "series",

    slice_fillStyle: function() {
    return this.index === 0 ? this.delegate() : "lightgray";
    .setData(relational_04b, {crosstabMode: false})

    However, is there a way to show the sum of all of the values in the center of my pie instead of just the percenter. So I have 4 values , each value is equal to 10, then I want the number 40 displayed in the center. any ideas?

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    Hi, you must specify label_text, determine the total value and format it, like it is done in this fiddle: .
    Note that the sum in the example is the sum of the absolute values of each category (slice). This is coherent with slices representing absolute values as well.

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