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Thread: Stacked default percentage disable

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    Default Stacked default percentage disable


    Is there any way to configure the appearance of the percentage in the tooltip of stacked bars without redefining the complete tooltip?

    Think this is the JIRA where it was added, but can't get access to that "options.percentage" property to disable it.

    In most cases it makes sense, but we've done a pyramid age with stacked bars, in which we don't want to show them.
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    Checkout the tooltip markup template here:
    The class ccc-tt-valuePct is present in the span that holds the % value, so you can target this class, in a CSS, to hide it.
    You should probably also specify the chart's tooltipClassName option and use that class to create a CSS rule that does not affect other chart's tooltips.

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    hover debugging was never easy, thanks for the insight @duarte, got it working
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