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Thread: response time so low

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    Default response time so low

    the response time to display my report on the BI server has become very slow even though the application is very simple.
    can you please suggest me a way to improve it?
    thank you

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    Hi MissPeti,
    Is your report created with Pentaho Report Designer? Does it have parameters with a list of values?
    I have found that reports that work OK on local, when I publish them in the server they take a long time to load because of the number of rows retrieved by the lists of values in my parameters. Those lists of values are cached when you open the report, so having more than 1000 values on them can make the reports slow.
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    Hi Ana GH,
    yes i used Pentaho report design ,
    but i found this problem with the report that returns a result of the small number of lines
    maybe the problem is from the nuber of port, i used 8090 dyou have an idea in relation to it??

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    Sorry, no idea. Have you checked the catalina.log to see where it's taking such a long time?

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