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Thread: BI server 6.1 remote access view report as pdf issue

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    Default BI server 6.1 remote access view report as pdf issue


    I have installed the community pentaho application suite on my ubuntu 15.04 linux server necvmsc01. I have version 6.1 of the biserver, pdi and prd. As shown below

    mule@necvmsc01:/opt/pentaho$ ls
    biserver-ce data-integration eclipse-inst-linux64.tar report-designer datasource reports
    ctools-installer-master eclipse repository eclipse-installer README.TXT saiku.tar

    I have created simple reports in the report designer ( without parameters ) and published them to the bi server without error. My bi server repository is on postgresql.
    When I view my reports on the local server via


    I can view the reports on the local server necvmsc01 using the firefox browser and I can also view the reports in pdf mode. If I try to access the bi server remotley
    using an ipaddress of the form


    I can view the reports in html mode but when I try to view in pdf mode the report is blank. The pentaho tomcat logs dont seem to contain any errors. It is only the
    access log which is updated. The details are

    failed access for pdf report display using my remote laptop, ip 192.168.xx.yy and internet explorer.


    192.168.xx.zz - - [21/Oct/2016:11:06:00 +1300] "POST /pentaho/api/repos/%3Ahome%3Areports%3AAPC_ASB_ALL_DAILY_SUM_IN.prpt/parameter HTTP/1.1" 200 28257
    192.168.xx.zz - - [21/Oct/2016:11:06:00 +1300] "POST /pentaho/api/repos/%3Ahome%3Areports%3AAPC_ASB_ALL_DAILY_SUM_IN.prpt/report?ts=1477001139795&output-target=pageable%2Fpdf&accepted-page=-1&showParameters=true&renderMode=REPORT&htmlProportionalWidth=false HTTP/1.1" 200 5814

    suceeded access - local mule server, firefox and localhost used. - - [21/Oct/2016:11:01:09 +1300] "POST /pentaho/api/repos/%3Ahome%3Areports%3AAPC_ASB_ALL_DAILY_SUM_IN.prpt/parameter HTTP/1.1" 200 28257 - - [21/Oct/2016:11:01:09 +1300] "POST /pentaho/api/repos/%3Ahome%3Areports%3AAPC_ASB_ALL_DAILY_SUM_IN.prpt/report?ts=1476994854449&output-target=pageable%2Fpdf&accepted-page=-1&showParameters=true&renderMode=REPORT&htmlProportionalWidth=false HTTP/1.1" 200 5812

    The output looks the same, the only difference seems to be the way that pentaho was accessed - local versus remote. Does remote access need to be configured in some way
    for pentaho ?

    Thanks in advance for any help offered

    Mike Frampton

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    There is no specific configuration required to access reports remotely also there is no restriction to view in other than HTML formats. Try in latest browsers and I will prefer Google Chrome.

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    Using Acrobat Reader by any chance? Google for "Acrobat Internet Explorer blank page" and you get a hell of a lot of results. Try a different browser first, to see whether it is something IE specific (and it probably is). If other browsers fail too, then investigate any errors you may receive in the browser's console.

    If it is limited to IE, try this:

    (If you use a different browser, do NOT use Microsoft Edge. It is IE on steroids, and steroid use makes aggressive and crazy - the last thing you want in your browser )
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