I added an image object to a very basic report.

I then set the value attribute of this image object to be a formula that holds the URL to a JPG file. See here

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the companyLogo parameter contains a URL that returns a JPG like so: http://myhost.com/api/core/v1/contac...EB82123FBEF527

My problem is that when I go to generate the report I see there are multiple requests (both HEAD and GET requests) going to the server that returns the JPG file. I have tried looking around the web for why this is happening and I have only found one other mention of the problem. See http://forums.pentaho.com/showthread...entaho-Server) . The person in this post mentions it is possibly an issue of setting the Cache-Control headers. I tried adjusting the Cache-Control headers on the server that returns the JPG file and I still have the problem. Also, I created a URL on the server that supports HEAD requests like the above link mentions but I am still facing the problem of multiple requests for a single image.

How do I make Pentaho only call the URL ONE time when generating the report that contains the image? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.