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Thread: Real time chart plotting in angular directive.

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    Post Real time chart plotting in angular directive.

    Hello All,

    I was able to plot chart in angular using derivatives. But I have some issue. I would like to get your support on below.
    1. Chart is plotted in a box rather it is not flowing/continuing, I want to show latest 10 sec or some frame, old data can be scrolled and view . How achieve this .
    2. I want to plot graph come from right hand side to left, Is it possible.
    3. Is zoom possible []

    Thanks for your consideration and support.

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    the fiddle you showed uses a feature that was recently added to CCC (being able to pass an options object to the Chart#render method).
    However, the public CCC scripts we use for fiddle weren't yet updated to this version, so your tests might have not worked out for that.

    Anyway, in your example, you are creating a new chart object in every render (every second), and, ideally we'd simply be re-rendering a single chart object, with added data, every second.
    You could do it like this:

    Now, unless you want to go out-of-memory, it would be better to use the new Real Time support of CCC charts, using the slidingWindow option: .

    CCC charts don't support zoom.

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    Thanks leao,
    Much thanks for consideration.

    I just need to confirm that is the below scenario possible in ccc line chart.

    Master chart will be plotting in real-time data using sliding Window with a frame of 20sec.
    Along with a context chart which have a previous data plotted, adds new data arrives to master chart.
    On click of the context [focus] chart, master chart will be loaded by focused area.

    I found similar one with pre loaded data :
    Only concern is it possible with real time+history data, since you mentioned ccc chats is not having real time felicities.

    If possible should we have to write js for this functionalities or is it in built ?

    One more, Is -> pan zoom possible in ccc candle stick [box plot]
    Any help will is much thankful.

    Abel J

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    Hi guys,

    I´m trying to use the Sliding Window function in an CDE CCC LineChart.
    Does anyone have an example or at best a tutorial on how to do that?

    I studied the JSFiddle example. My Datasource and the basic properties of the Linechart are already set. Like the height and width etc.
    The Datasource consists of a basic SQL Query that gets the Data from a DB where new data is inserted every five seconds.

    Thank´s and greetings.

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