Hi All,

I have to build pentaho-platform from source on my ubuntu machine.

Things that I have found out -

  1. There is one post - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1...rm-from-github . According to the answers, I can build pentaho-platform using steps -
    • Copy file dev_build.xml to build.xml
    • Execute: ant dev-resolve
    • Execute: ant dev-build

  2. I have also checked on the http://ci.pentaho.com/, there are jenkins job for individual modules e.g. pentaho-platform-api, pentaho-platform-core, pentaho-platform-scheduler, pentaho-platform-extensions etc. So instead of building complete pentaho-platform, should I build all its modules separately?

Taking some reference from the link http://wiki.pentaho.com/display/Serv...o+Platform+7.0, build steps could be -

  • Install jdk-8, ant, maven, git
  • Clone the pentaho-platform code from github repository
  • Set environment variables.
  • Go to individual folder (api, build-utils, etc) and execute "ant clean-all resolve publish-local"

Anyone please guide me what are the exact steps to build pentaho-platform.

Thanks in advance.